10 Hisoka cosplays that are looking evil

Hisoka is this guy that looks like a magician or a jester, he is a hunter and a former member from the phantom Troupe on hunterxhunter, he is tall with pale skin and a tight attire around his waist with these logos on his clothes (/♦ /♣ /♥ /♠), he wears a face paint, a star (★) on his right cheek and a teardrop (?) on his left cheek, he is loved by cosplayers because of his character and also his crazy look, today we will be looking at 10 hisoka cosplays.

1- Hisoka cosplay by s-uzu on gramunion.

2- Hisoka cosplay by Colicade on gramunion.

3- Hisoka cosplay by Yonejiro on gramunion.

4- Hisoka cosplay by unknow(let’s us know if you know the source)

5- Hisoka cosplay by NatashaZagadka on twitter.

6- Hisoka cosplay by Elena89Hikari on Deviantart.

7- Hisoka cosplay by Risk Travel.

8- Hisoka cosplay by Yonejiro on gramunion.

9- Hisoka cosplay by Elena89Hikari onDevianart

10- Hisoka cosplay by Kiyoko Dev.

Stay tuned for more cosplays …

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Written by Omni Zeno

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