14 Goku cosplays done by female cosplayers

top 14 goku cosplays done by females

Goku is a main character on the dragon ball series, depicted as carefree, cheerful and friendly when at ease, but quickly serious and strategic-minded, when in battle. and that what makes him special on the anime world, alot of cosplayers love to dress as him even girls do it! and that’s what are we going to be looking at.


1- goku cosplay by Elita-01

2- goku cosplay by jennet Vinogradova.

3- goku cosplay by chris kabayel.

4- goku cosplay by jennet Vinogradova.

5- goku cosplay by Missy mayhem.

6- goku cosplay by Missy mayhem.

7- goku cosplay by jessica nigri.

8- goku cosplay by manny llanura.

9-goku cosplay by chris kabayel.

10-goku cosplay by hotaru tamaki.

11- goku cosplay by kendra danae.

12- goku cosplay by unknown(contact us know if you know the source).

13- goku cosplay by Missy mayhem.

14- goku cosplay by YokoScarlett.

stay tuned for more

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