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  • All might cosplays
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    10 All Might cosplays that brought the character to life

    Toshinori Yagi known by his name hero all Might, he is the former No. 1 Hero who bore the title of the world’s Symbol of Peace. He teaches Foundational Hero Studies at U.A. High School. He is an extremly large man and tall too, All Might’s classic hero costume consisted of a skin-tight blue body suit decorated with a red symbol […] More

  • Saitama cosplays

    12 Saitama cosplays that are done by females

    Saitama is probably the only guy that doesn’t need any introductions, he is the most powerful hero alive but an ordinary looking guy aged 25, super lean physique and an average height and weight, Saitama had spiky hair but he lost it all because of his intense training. Don’t you dare call him “Bald” he […] More

  • Boros cosplays

    8 Boros cosplays that are weird looking

    Oh boy what can i say about this guy, Lord Boros the alien and the only character that survived 2 punshes from saitama but killed by the third one, his tremendous power kick sent saitama all the way up to the moon!. He’s one eyed with spiky hair, sharp teeth and pointed ears, which are […] More

  • sonic cosplays

    12 Coolest Sonic “speed of sound” cosplays

    Sonic “speed of sound” first appearance was as a bodyguard for Zeniru a wealthy man, he showed up to protect him from hammerhead and his team, Sonic is a slim young man at the age of 25, he has long hair, large eyes with purple lines marked underneath his eyes, he loves fighting strong opponents with a […] More

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    13 Umaru cosplays that are worth watching

    Umaru Doma is a 16 years old girl and a clever high school student, she often gets attention because of her looks and also her good behaviour outdoors, but when she is indoors, she gets so lazy and annoying to her older brother T-Taihei, they are both living at the same house, umaru always gets home before […] More

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    10 Flawless Puripuri Prisoner cosplays

    Puri-puri is a large muscly guy, has a defined jawline, blue eyes with long eyelashes, cleft chin, a beard not shaved properly and it’s due a bad razor that’s not giving him a close shave(FACT), he wears this classical prison and also he used to wear a white sleeveless vest with a large pink heart […] More

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    10 Hisoka cosplays that are looking evil

    Hisoka is this guy that looks like a magician or a jester, he is a hunter and a former member from the phantom Troupe on hunterxhunter, he is tall with pale skin and a tight attire around his waist with these logos on his clothes (♦/♦ ♣/♣ ♥/♥ ♠/♠), he wears a face paint, a star (★) on […] More

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    11 Nami breath taking cosplays

    Nami’s appearence On one piece is this slim young women of an average to tall height with orange hair and brown eyes, her overall looks has changed and matured in a short period of time,alot of people consider her as this very attractive women and even beautiful, she has a blue tattoo on her left […] More

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    10 Genos cosplays that looks like a real life cyborg

    Genos is a cyborg with a full body of mechanical gadgets in the model of a young handsome guy and that what makes him different from others, he considers saitama as his teacher so he can attain his power level (let’s be real that’s impossible), but genos has a tremendous power too (nowhere near saitama’s) […] More

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