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Jiren is actually breaking the rules

jiren breaking the rules

the tournament of power is still going strong with all the top notch warriors showing their real powers against other universes to keep themselves safe from getting erased by zeno sama however it’s different for someone and that’s jiren, after defeating goku and hitto, he started meditating but not on the ground.

the tournament of power rules are:

1- you must knock your oppenent off the stage.

2- weopens other than techniques may not be used.

3- opponents may not be killed.

4- flying skills such as flight are nullified in the world of void.

5- the team with the most members left wins.

if you look closly to jiren’s pictures meditating or from the actuall episode, you can clearly see that he is far from the ground and not touching it and that counts as flying, what’s even weirder is no one was able to say something about it, the rules are clear flying is not allowed only for opponents with wings.

only one oppenent that got erased by zeno from breaking the rules and that’s frost, i’m feeling that we will see new warriors getting erased from breaking the rules but pretty sure it’s not jiren.

stay tuned for more news …

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Written by Omni Zeno

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