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New Character Aniraza Revealed !

Howdy Everyone, we got breaking news for you and the lastest clip of Dragon Ball Heroes.

the new Dbs new character coming to Dragon Ball Super Episode 121 revealed.

In the clip Goku and Vegeta is fighting the new character Aniraaza which is going to appear in Dragon Ball Super next weekend.

As you can see in the image Aniraaza is huge and the source is Official Dragon Ball Heros and I’m 99 % sure that Aniraaza will look like this in next week’s episode in which Goku will Fight Merged Robot Aniraza.

DBS New Character:

dbs new character

In the image Aniraaza doesn’t look like a Merged Robot but I assure you that it is the Merged Robot it will appear in Episode 121 and it will also possibly eliminate Android 18.

In this leaked image all remaining warriors of Universe 7 are their, but Android 18 is not there it is possible that this is because she has been eliminated by Aniraaza moreover.

She was already hurt and maybe because of her injuries she wasn’t about to defend herself from Aniraaza and got eliminated.

That’s all for this article, thanks for reading.

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