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  • dbs new character
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    New Character Aniraza Revealed !

    Howdy Everyone, we got breaking news for you and the lastest clip of Dragon Ball Heroes. the new Dbs new character coming to Dragon Ball Super Episode 121 revealed. In the clip Goku and Vegeta is fighting the new character Aniraaza which is going to appear in Dragon Ball Super next weekend. As you can […] More

  • universe erased
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    Universe 3 Might Get Erased In Episode 122 !

    Howdy Everyone, I’m back and in this article we’ll talk about Universe 3’s Erasure next in Tournament Of Power. So let’s start with this topic. As Tournament Of Power is coming to an end we have seen episode dedicated to warrior of Universe 7 highlighting them. It’s Gohan’s turn now and the preview of the […] More

  • Super Saiyan 3
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    Real Reason Why Toei Animation Avoids Super Saiyan 3

    Hi Guys it’s Slazo Rx and in this blog we will be talking about. Why Toei Animation or Akira Toriyama avoids Super Saiyan 3 Transformation. As we all know Super Saiyan 3 is one of the most stunning and liked transformation in the history of Dragon Ball. Goku first achieved this transformation in Dragon Ball […] More

  • legendary assassin hit
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    The Truth about Hit’s elimination

    The legendary assassin hit of universe 6 hitto had a pretty hard fight against jiren from universe 11, Hit’s attacks failed, expect for his last one that got Jiren binded in a cage of time, but Jiren was able to move from it and even block another attack with his glare, Hit knew that he lost […] More

  • vegeta ultra instict
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    Vegeta ultra instinct transformation secret hint from whis

    The huge Battle between Kefla and Goku just ended. The power generated by the two made even Jiren wake up from meditating to watch the fight between the two. However kefla got defeated by an ultra instinct kamehameha, during the fight vegeta realised something pretty important. Credit: Toei animation Remember when whis was trainning with […] More

  • Gods of destruction rankings
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    The Gods of destruction rankings updated

    In the first place “God of destruction”, we can already tell from the name that they are so strong, but comparing them to each other, that’s where we can find the difference from each god’s power level.(gods of destruction rankings) credit: wikia The Gods of Destruction are linked to the Supreme Kais of their universe, […] More

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    [THEORY] Piccolo sacrifices himself , gohan’s new form

    My approach to this theory is we’ve seen piccolo sacrifice himself for gohan everytime when he sees a danger coming towards his way, piccolo took care of gohan when goku was running down snake way in 2003, their strong communication was built when piccolo fired cannon beam towards raditz being hold by goku, and that killed them both […] More

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    Jiren is actually breaking the rules

    the tournament of power is still going strong with all the top notch warriors showing their real powers against other universes to keep themselves safe from getting erased by zeno sama however it’s different for someone and that’s jiren, after defeating goku and hitto, he started meditating but not on the ground. the tournament of power […] More

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    [THEORY] Why kitera is relaxed even of the tremendous power of jiren, goku and other warriors

    The power of son goku, jiren and kefla is tremendously high and pretty much they can flip the tables of the tournament at any time, since goku’s ultra instinct has been awakened for the second time! and he seems to be handling that much power pretty well against kefla, however ultra instinct is a very rare […] More