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The Truth about Hit’s elimination

Hit’s elimination

legendary assassin hit

The legendary assassin hit of universe 6 hitto had a pretty hard fight against jiren from universe 11, Hit’s attacks failed, expect for his last one that got Jiren binded in a cage of time, but Jiren was able to move from it and even block another attack with his glare, Hit knew that he lost after all of those attacks with no results.

This fight caused a big conflict in the dragon ball’s community, alot of people are saying that hit is not eliminated and also others are sayin the opposite, we can clearly see on episode 111 that Jiren kicked Hitto out of the stage and also the grand priest declared his elimination.


The Grand Priest will never be wrong about something and also he will never take a universe’s side to confuse the others or even the viewers.

Proof 2:

Hitto accepted the consequence of the fight and also his loss.

his assassin pride is much bigger than these words confirming his defeat.

Bad news for hit’s fans out there but he is eliminated.

He is an amazing fighter but jiren is beyond the imagination!

want more proof ? please comment down below your question

stay tuned for more…

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