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[THEORY] Why kitera is relaxed even of the tremendous power of jiren, goku and other warriors

The power of son goku, jiren and kefla is tremendously high and pretty much they can flip the tables of the tournament at any time, since goku’s ultra instinct has been awakened for the second time! and he seems to be handling that much power pretty well against kefla, however ultra instinct is a very rare and an advanced mental state that even the god of destructions can’t master it easily, that’s why they are worried but for kitera it’s different.

universe 4’s kitera the god of distruction seems to be not worried about anything, and it seems that the reason why, is because of the fighters that he has, they are able to change their sizes to be so small that they can’t be seen, we’ve seen them in the beginning of the tournament in their normal state but never fighting.

we did not see any movements from them yet,that means they already working on the plan to be safe from the other warriors until the time runs out,

this is just a theory that makes sense ofcourse, we don’t know anything about them yet, it will be revealed soon, stay tuned…

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Written by Omni Zeno

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